A kick-start for your business

Young Farmers’ Ground Lease

The Young Farmers' Ground Lease product is for starting entrepreneurs. You transfer the land for up to 90% of its market value in freehold. You then get to use the land for a minimum period of 30 years and a maximum period of 40 years on a ground lease basis. The maximum duration at the end of the contract is 70 years.

Embedding sustainability in the business

The Young Farmers' Ground Lease product has additional sustainability requirements embedded in its ground lease agreement. Moreover, you make data available for the 'Open Bodem Index', a tool that evaluates the soil of agricultural land, during the term of the contract.

Ground rent based on choices you make

The ground rent is based on choices you make regarding the amount of also varies within a range of 2.2% to 2.6%. The ground rent is indexed annually with the consumer price index of Statistics Netherlands (CBS).

Benefits of the Young Farmers' Ground Lease

  • More scope for investment and long-term use certainty
  • Tailor-made solutions
  • Low cost with obligation to make interim repayments
  • Sustainable business development