a.s.r. real estate

a.s.r. real estate

a.s.r. real estate

  • More than 125 years of experience

  • Stable returns

  • Personal approach

  • Sustainable real estate

  • Active management and maintenance


Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation

a.s.r. real estate, the funds and the services provided by the department Investment Partners are in confirmity with the EU Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR).

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About a.s.r. real estate

a.s.r. real estate has been investing in real estate for more than 125 years, and manages investments for institutional investors.

We manage real estate portfolios that are highly lettable under varying economic conditions. a.s.r. real estate manages the largest private portfolio of rural real estate in the Netherlands on behalf of a.s.r. 


a.s.r. real estate funds

Retail properties

Retail properties

a.s.r. real estate invests in retail real estate at A1-locations for institutional investors.




a.s.r. real estate invests in offices, parking spaces and car parks for institutional investors.



Our residential portfolio is characterised by its variety of medium-sized apartments and single-family homes, mainly in the Randstad.

Rural real estate

Rural Real Estate

a.s.r. is the largest private owner of agricultural land in the Netherlands. 

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You can contact a.s.r. real estate at
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