Cookie policy

Our website uses cookies that store information about you. It is important to us that you have control over your online privacy. That’s why you can specify your cookie preferences further down in this text. We like to explain to you as best we can what cookies are and what we use them for. This helps you make an informed choice.

  • Cookies are small files that we store temporarily on your computer, tablet or phone. This way we store information about your website visit or about your device.

    Besides cookies, we also use other means to store information. In technical terms, these are called, for example, “local storage” and “session storage”. They differ little from how cookies work. To keep it simple, we use the term “cookies” as a generic term.

  • We place cookies with programs on our website. An example of a program is our chat service. Another example is our questionnaire to give your opinion on certain things. However, secure login is also done with a program. They are additional features that make the website more useful.

    Some programs we make ourselves. Other programs are made our partners. Video players, for example, are from YouTube. And we examine website usage using Google Analytics. We also post their programs on our website ourselves.

  • We place cookies to achieve five different purposes:

    1. Making the website user-friendly,
    2. Improving the website using anonymous research,
    3. Improving the website using customer research,
    4. Making the website more personal,
    5. Display customised ads.

    For the first two purposes, placing cookies has little or no impact on your online privacy. We may therefore place these cookies without asking additional consent. For the last three purposes, cookies do impact your online privacy. We therefore never simply place these cookies. We will only do so if you give consent to do so. You give this consent via the cookie banner.

    In case of anonymous research, we give you a visitor number. In that case we don’t know who you are when you visit the website. With customer research, we use personal data you share with us.

    Further on, you will read more about each of the five purposes. About how we use them and whether it impacts your online privacy. And also which cookies are involved.

  • Cookies have an expiry time. Cookies stored on your device will therefore automatically disappear. How long a cookie exists depends on how long the program needs to remember information. This should not be longer than necessary.

    Some cookies exist for a short time, namely as long as your website visit lasts. For example, our chat program uses them to remember which questions you ask. Otherwise, it will lose them already when you click through to the next page. When you close your browser, you automatically delete these cookies.

    Other cookies last longer than your website visit. It can be a day, but also a week, a month, a year or even longer. When you close your browser, these cookies remain on your device until they disappear by themselves. You can also delete them directly yourself via your browser settings.

  • When we place cookies from our partners, sometimes they recognize you on their own websites. An example of this is the video player from YouTube. It places cookies from “” when you view a YouTube video on our website. This is how YouTube can use the same cookies when you visit their own website later. They are “third party cookies”. We don’t maintain them ourselves.

    Some cookies from our partners are strictly used for our website. They are “first party cookies”. These we do maintain ourselves.

  • When you accept cookies, we turn on the programs that place these cookies. When you reject cookies, we disable the programs. That happens automatically after you have confirmed your choice.

    Sometimes you first accept cookies and then later reject them. In that case we disable the programs after they have already placed cookies. These cookies remain on your device until they disappear by themselves, or until you delete them yourself. Nothing else happens to those cookies that we maintain ourselves.

    As long as cookies remain on your device, our partners may still use their own cookies. That only happens when you visit one of their websites. In order to display customized content for example. If you don’t, then nothing else happens with these cookies.

  • You set your cookie preferences for all pages on the website, including public and personal pages.

    Your cookie preferences apply to the individual website. Therefore, the preferences on do not apply on other websites such as, or These websites have their own cookie banners where you re-enter your preferences. You can change or withdraw your preferences at any time on all our websites.

Changing cookie preferences

Use the button below to open our cookie banner. Here you specify which cookies you want to accept. We remember your choices during three months. We will then ask for your cookie preferences again. This means that the cookie banner will pop up again when you visit our website again after three months.

Overview of cookies we place

Here we provide information about each cookie: 

  • through which website we place it,
  • how long we store it on your device, 
  • what we use it for.