Cookie policy

Our website makes use of various types of cookies. We think it is important that you have control over your online privacy. That is why we want to inform you as fully as possible about the cookies we use and for what purposes they are used.

What are cookies?
Cookies are small text files that a website places on your computer, tablet or mobile phone when you visit the website. Information about your visit to the website is stored in these cookies. The placement of cookies sometimes involves the processing of personal data. By using cookies, a website can recognize you during your next visit. This can be handy for certain purposes, for instance to avoid having to log in for each new visit.

What types of cookies do we use?
We distinguish between functional and non-functional cookies. Functional cookies are cookies that are necessary to ensure the proper operation of a website. These are placed on this website. We also place analytical cookies as standard practice. This is an example of a non-functional cookie. These are not necessary for the proper operation of the website. These cookies let us know which sections of the website are popular and where we can make improvements to our website.

Analytical cookies
Analytical cookies enable us to measure the behaviour of visitors to our website. We use this data to optimize the website. There are different types of analytical cookies: cookies for making measurements, cookies for performing research and cookies for testing improvements. This website exclusively makes use of cookies for measurement purposes. These cookies are analyzed in Google Analytics to improve the user experience. We keep the data up to 26 months.

Cookies for measurement purposes
Analytical cookies enable us to measure website visits. These statistics give us insight into how often our website is used, the type of information that visitors look for and which pages are visited the most. This lets us know which sections of the website are popular and where we can make improvements. We continuously analyse and improve the website to give visitors the best possible online experience. The statistics we collect cannot be traced to individual persons. This data is therefore always used in anonymous form. We make use of Google Analytics to analyse the data. Google Analytics cookies are only placed if the visitor to our website has agreed to this.

Analytical cookies collect different types of data, including:

• The number of visitors to our web pages
• The length of the visit
• The searches performed on the website
• Data about your browser and the device used to visit our website, such as the operating system and screen size
• How you reached our website, for instance by clicking on one of our adverts or a link in an email

For more information about what Google does with the data collected, please see the Google privacy statement. This statement is subject to regular updates.

Read more about how we treat personal data in our privacy statement