We provide agricultural entrepreneurs to pursue aspirations

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Ground lease

We manage about 43,000 hectares of land. It consists mainly of agricultural and horticultural land, but also includes country estates. a.s.r. real estate believes in strong and vibrant rural areas, for now and the future. We call this investing with perpetual value. We want to develop areas where farmers can earn a good living and where climate-smart farmers are part of the operation.

a.s.r. real estate and ESG

Climate-Smart Agriculture

As asset manager in the agricultural sector, we are committed to enabling farmers to achieve their business targets while meeting our sustainability objectives. We have translated these objectives under the principles of Climate-Smart Agriculture to ensure that every effort is made to keep the soil fertile for future generations of farmers.

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Bodem Landbouwgrond

This team can tell you everything about rural real estate

This is an image of René Timmer.

René Timmer

steward Groningen and Flevoland

René is steward for Groningen and Flevoland. Contact details assistant: claudia.bor@asr.nl / +31 (0)30-257 26 83.

This is an image of Ilse de Boer.

Ilse de Boer

steward Friesland

Ilse is steward for Friesland and country estate Olterterp - Lauswolt. Contact details assistant: linda.verwei@asr.nl / +31 (0)30-257 24 44.

This is an image of Ryan Nijzink.

Ryan Nijzink

steward Drenthe and Overijssel

Ryan is steward for Drenthe and Overijssel and country estates Junne, Molecaten and De Groote Scheere. Contact details assistant: wout.furster@asr.nl / +31 (0)30-257 23 92.

This is an image of Jaap Rottink.

Jaap Rottink

steward Zuid-Holland and Noord-Holland

Jaap is steward for Zuid-Holland and Noord-Holland. Contact details assistant: ralph.hovestad@asr.nl / +31 (0)30-278 55 56.

This is an image of Maurits Elsevier Stokmans.

Maurits Elsevier Stokmans

steward Utrecht and Noord-Gelderland and country estates Hees and Engelenburg

Maurits is steward for Utrecht and Noord-Gelderland. Contact details assistant: matthijs.kiezebrink@asr.nl / +31(0)30-257 20 93.

This is an image of Ronald Kramer.

Ronald Kramer

steward Rivierengebied, Noord-Brabant Limburg and country estate Bleijenbeek

Ronald is steward for Rivierengebied, Noord-Brabant Limburg and country estate Bleijenbeek. Contact details assistant: ilona.groen@asr.nl /+31 (0)30-257 31 14.

This is an image of Raymond Gennissen.

Raymond Gennissen

steward Zeeland and country estate De Utrecht

Raymond is steward for Zeeland and country estate De Utrecht. Contact details assistant: marije.scherpenzeel@asr.nl / +31 (0)30-257 45 66.


Meet the team

a.s.r. real estate employs seven stewards. They are completely up to date on local market conditions. We take a personal and flexible approach. We are pragmatic, thorough, offer distinctive solutions, and we are always prepared to go the extra mile. All of our stewards receive support from a steward’s assistant. Make an appointment with one of our stewards.

Do you have a question?

Then please contact us. We can be reached by phone on working days between 8 am and 5 pm. You can reach us on +31 (0)30 257 85 63. You can also send us an email.

ASR Dutch Farmland Fund

The agricultural land is part of the ASR Dutch Farmland Fund. This fund offers institutional investors the opportunity to invest in a unique farmland portfolio, developed by a.s.r. for over a century. The fund has a strong focus on long-term value creation, for both investors and agricultural entrepreneurs.

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