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The farmland fund with clear sustainability aims

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ASR Dutch Farmland Fund

The ASR Dutch Farmland Fund invests in agricultural land in the Netherlands. The fund facilitates land transactions for agricultural entrepreneurs. It targets climate-smart farmers and provides institutional investors with stable returns and a unique diversification effect. The portfolio of the ASR Dutch Farmland Fund is the culmination of over a century’s work. The fund has a strong focus on long-term value creation, for both investors and agricultural entrepreneurs. The fund will continue to grow in the coming years, partly due to sustainability and succession in the agricultural sector.

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Climate-Smart Agriculture

As asset manager in the agricultural sector, we are committed to enabling farmers to achieve their business targets while meeting our sustainability objectives. We have translated these objectives under the principles of Climate-Smart Agriculture to ensure that every effort is made to keep the soil fertile for future generations of farmers.

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Bodem Landbouwgrond
  • With more than 125 years of experience managing agricultural land, a.s.r. real estate brings extensive expertise to the table. What began with the purchase of a piece of agricultural land in North Holland has grown into the largest privately owned portfolio of agricultural property in the Netherlands. Worldwide, the fund also ranks among the top.

  • A green portfolio policy aimed at climate-smart farmers, active stewardship and long contracts ensure a high-quality portfolio and predictable indexed cash flow for institutional investors. Investments in agricultural land have very little correlation with other asset classes, which is why they prove their value in a diversified investment portfolio

  • A vibrant rural area is essential for the agricultural sector. The ASR Dutch Farmland Fund is committed to bringing the importance of this to the attention of local, provincial and national administrators. The fund specifically targets climate-smart famers and also works closely with farmers to embed sustainable initiatives in their regular business operations. The focus is particularly on sustainable soil management, biodiversity and reducing carbon emissions.

  • With the Sustainable Finance Action Plan the European Commission wants to encourage the financial sector to invest more in activities that are sustainable and have a longer-term focus

    One of the European regulations resulting from the action plan is the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR). It aims to improve the provision of information on sustainable investments within the financial sector.

    SFDR statement

This team can tell you everything about the fund

This is an image of Dick van den Oever.

Dick van den Oever

fund director

Dick is fund director for the ASR Dutch Farmland Fund. He is responsible for the rurale real estate fund. Dick is also a member of a.s.r. real estate’s Managament Team.

This is an image of Fadyan Pronk.

Fadyan Pronk

fund manager & head of portfolio management

Fadyan is fund manager and head of portfolio management for the ASR Dutch Farmland Fund. Fadyan manages the rural real estate portfolio.

This is an image of Jerry Smith.

Jerry Smith

fund controller

Jerry is fund controller for the ASR Dutch Farmland Fund. Jerry is responsible for the financial financial reporting of the rural real estate fund.


Meet the team

The ASR Dutch Farmland Fund is led by a dedicated and experienced Fund Management Team, consisting of a fund director, fund manager, portfolio manager and fund controller. A team of stewards, steward assistants and property managers is responsible for the acquisition and sales, operation and management of the portfolio. The team works entirely in-house and is fully dedicated to the rural real estate fund in order to optimally serve our investors and leaseholders.