a.s.r. real estate continually builds a good and solid reputation. That is why we only work with reliable parties, clients and employees and follow strict procedures to test that reliability.

Integrity and reliability

a.s.r. real estate does not do business with partners involved in crimes or socially undesirable acts such as money laundering, fraud and the financing of terrorism. If we intend to enter into a contract with investors, developers, appraisers, estate agents, notaries, tenants, government agencies or institutions such as the Land Registry, among others, a screening is required before concluding any contract. This procedure assesses the integrity and reliability of the contracting parties. a.s.r. real estate’s CDD policy also prescribes periodic screenings. If, in the opinion of a.s.r. real estate, there is reason to doubt the integrity of the partner, appropriate measures will be taken.

Code of conduct

In addition, we have drafted a code of conduct that explicitly states what is expected of employees and managers. Our compliance officer is responsible for the enforcement of this code. In addition, we call in external parties to monitor, control and certify our method.