Working in modern, sustainable offices near public transport

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Renting an office space

We lease offices situated near the larger intercity railway stations, mainly in the Randstad region (such as Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht and Eindhoven). We therefore offer tenants good accessibility in a lively environment with many amenities.

Renting from a.s.r. real estate means renting sustainably. The majority of our offices have a green energy label. Moreover, we also take into account the use of materials, water conservation, land use and a healthy working environment for the users of our offices.

A selection from our portfolio

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How to make your office more sustainable

By working in one of our office buildings you are already contributing to a more sustainable world. We would like to encourage you to use our buildings in a green and healthy way. In our green guide you will find tips on how to limit energy consumption, how to live a healthier lifestyle, and above all, how to make working in this office more rewarding.

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This team can tell you everything about renting our offices

This is an image of Jur Niemeijer.

Jur Niemeijer

asset manager

Jur is asset manager for the office portfolio at a.s.r. real estate. He manages the offices at Le Pavillon in Den Bosch, Fellenoord and Noordzicht in Eindhoven, Tree House and Willemswerf in Rotterdam, Catharijnesingel, Moreelsepark and Wonderwoods in Utrecht.

This is an image of Rick Sturkenboom.

Rick Sturkenboom

asset manager

Rick is asset manager for the office portfolio at a.s.r. real estate. He manages the offices Europlaza in Amsterdam, Semaphore in Den Bosch, Weena in Rotterdam, Daalsesingel, Laag Katreine and Katreine Toren in Utrecht and Schellepoort in Zwolle.


Meet the team

The daily management of our offices is in the hands of external managers. They take care of maintenance, repair requests and lease administration. We also use external managers and estate agents to rent out our offices. If you are looking for the right office space for your company and would like to contact us directly, then please get in touch with our asset managers. They will help you find an office that suits your needs.

ASR Dutch Mobility Office Fund

The offices that we lease are part of the ASR Dutch Mobility Office Fund. This fund offers institutional investors the opportunity to invest in future-proof offices near intercity railway stations.

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