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Core residential fund with focus on affordable and sustainable housing

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ASR Dutch Core Residential Fund

The ASR Dutch Core Residential Fund has a mature, core, diversified portfolio consisting of sustainable, high-quality residential rental assets in the strongest economic and demographic regions of the Netherlands. The residential fund invests in both apartments and single-family houses in the non-regulated segment, particularly in the mid-priced rental segment. The fund is open to institutional investors.

a.s.r. real estate and impact investing

Making an impact for affordable housing

The affordability of rental residential dwellings in the Netherlands is under serious pressure. The ASR Dutch Core Residential Fund has a clear view on the importance of affordable housing and has designated affordable housing in the non-regulated segment as one of its main strategic pillars.

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  • The residential fund generates stable, sustainable and attractive returns for institutional investors. These returns are achieved by investing in high-quality residential assets and by actively managing and adding value to the existing portfolio. The fund is open to institutional investors, with a minimum stake of €10 million.

  • The Dutch residential rental market is experiencing a housing shortage of and pressure on affordability. The ASR Dutch Core Residential Fund has developed an impact investment strategy that focuses on the addition of affordable dwellings to its portfolio. Besides the addition of affordable assets the fund also aims to keep dwellings in the standing portfolio affordable. By doing so, the fund builds a well-lettable portfolio and fulfils its social responsibility. Currently, over 87% of the portfolio is rented out in the mid-priced rental segment.

  • Responsible and sustainable asset management is part of our long-term horizon of value creation. The fund actively acquires sustainable dwellings, but also invests in enhancing the sustainability of the existing portfolio. The fund accommodates the interests of investors and tenants in the best possible way by creating and maintaining a portfolio with long-term value from both a financial and a social perspective. In 2023, the ASR Dutch Core Residential Fund was awarded with a five out of five stars rating by GRESB.

  • With the Sustainable Finance Action Plan the European Commission wants to encourage the financial sector to invest more in activities that are sustainable and have a longer-term focus.

    One of the European regulations resulting from the action plan is the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR). It aims to improve the provision of information on sustainable investments within the financial sector.

    SFDR statement

This team can tell you everything about the fund

This is an image of Robbert van Dijk .

Robbert van Dijk

fund director

Robbert is fund director for the ASR Dutch Core Residential Fund. He has overall responsibility for the residential fund. He is also a member of a.s.r. real estate’s Management Team.

This is an image of Marsha Sinninghe.

Marsha Sinninghe

fund manager

Marsha is fund manager for the ASR Dutch Core Residential Fund. She is the first point of contact for (potential) investors in the residential fund.

This is an image of Ralph Bank.

Ralph Bank

fund controller

Ralph is fund controller for the ASR Dutch Core Residential Fund. Ralph is responsible for the residential fund’s financial reporting.


Meet the team

The ASR Dutch Core Residential Fund is led by a dedicated, passionate and experienced Fund Management Team, consisting of a fund director, fund manager and fund controller. A team of asset managers, acquisition managers, technical asset managers and property managers is responsible for acquisitions and sales, operations and management of the portfolio. The entire team works in-house and is fully dedicated to the residential fund to optimally serve our investors and tenants.