Create investment scope at low cost

The Value Ground Lease was developed specifically to widen the possibilities for investment. With this option, you transfer land for up to 70% of its market value in freehold. You immediately get to use it for a minimum of 30 years on a ground lease basis. At the end of the 30-year lease term, you can buy back the land. The purchase price is then 85% of the market value in freehold.

Right of repurchase

You get long-term right of use and certainty, and of course the existing specific rights remain your property. Moreover, there are options for selling the ground lease right to a third party before the end of the lease period or for taking out a mortgage on the ground lease right. You are not obliged to make any interim repayments.

Ground rent of only 2.25%

You pay a ground rent of 2.25% every year. The ground rent will be indexed annually with the consumer price index of Statistics Netherlands (CBS).

The benefits of the Value Ground Lease

  • Investment scope and long-term certainty of use
  • Low cost with no obligation to make interim repayments
  • Right to purchase for 85% of the market value of the land in freehold