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About us

About us

a.s.r. real estate has been investing in and managing real estate portfolios on behalf of institutional investors for more than 125 years.

About a.s.r. real estate

a.s.r. real estate has been investing in real estate for more than 125 years, and manages investments for institutional investors. We are part of a.s.r., one of the biggest listed insurance companies in the Netherlands. We manage real estate portfolios that are highly lettable under varying economic conditions. a.s.r. real estate manages the largest private portfolio of rural real estate in the Netherlands on behalf of a.s.r.

Driven by long-term success: ‘Perpetual value for investors, users and for society at large’
Long-term thinking is part of our DNA. We want to be a business that our clients and other stakeholders can trust and which is a valuable part of society. Our long-term vision translates into the judicious selection, management and (re)development of agricultural land and real estate. We also have a strong focus on quality, believing that quality retains its value and therefore investing continuously in maintenance, good-quality materials, sustainability of buildings and sustainable land use. To us, sustainability is not a vogue word; it is an integral part of our Investment and management practice stretching back more than 125 years, in the heart of society.

Expert in real estate investment management
As a professional real estate investment manager, we carry out continuous national and international research on user preferences, popularity of locations and other developments in the real estate market. Based on our knowledge, we develop clear visions for our retail, residential, office, science park and rural real estate portfolios. We are also close to our real estate, know our (professional) tenants and engage in intensive contact with international asset managers and real estate fund managers In this way, we demonstrate day in, day out that we are experts in real estate investment management.

Part of a.s.r.
a.s.r. real estate is part of a.s.r., one of the largest insurance companies in the Netherlands. Since June 2016 a.s.r. is listed on Euronext Amsterdam and since 19 March 2018 forms part of the AEX.