05 October 2021 | 2 min.

Two Dutch institutional investors join ASR Dutch Science Park Fund

Two Dutch institutional investors have joined as participants in the ASR Dutch Science Park Fund with effect from 1 October. The unlisted real estate fund from a.s.r. real estate invests in commercial real estate on the most attractive science parks in the Netherlands.

Luc Joosten, Fund Director of ASR Dutch Science Park Fund, said: “We are delighted that two institutional investors are joining our fund. Together with our participants we are committed to stimulating the knowledge sector in the Netherlands. There is a clear need to develop knowledge and technology, and the resulting products, in our own country, a fact that has been underlined once again by the Covid-19 pandemic. Increasing numbers of investors see commercial real estate on science parks as an attractive investment category and we are seeing a clear rise in interest.”

More about the ASR Dutch Science Park Fund

The ASR Dutch Science Park Fund is an unlisted sector fund from the real estate asset manager a.s.r. real estate with a primary focus on institutional investors. The fund responds to the clear trend towards a more knowledge-driven economy in which science parks play a key role. The core strategy results in an attractive risk-return profile aimed at stable rental income and attractive value growth in a fast-developing asset category with strong long-term fundamentals.

By focusing on commercial real estate on the most attractive Dutch science parks, the fund provides accommodation for knowledge-intensive businesses particularly in the life science and tech sectors. This promotes cooperation among businesses and knowledge carriers such as universities and research institutions and results in the development of new knowledge, products and services that can benefit society as a whole. The fund thus contributes to the development of the Dutch knowledge sector and is viewed by investors as an impact investment.


Mariëlle Diddens

Mariëlle Diddens

marketing & communications advisor

Mariëlle is marketing & communications advisor at a.s.r. real estate.