31 March 2021 | 2 min.

Provast sells Tree House Rotterdam to a.s.r. real estate’s office fund and residential fund

Provast and a.s.r. real estate today reached agreement on the purchase of Tree House in Rotterdam. Tree House comprises approximately 41,000 m2: 17,000 m2 of office and commercial space, in addition to 275 residential units. Provast is constructing this sustainable mixed-use building on Delftseplein, right next to Rotterdam Central Station. The ASR Dutch Mobility Office Fund will purchase the office and the commercial programme of 17,000 m2, and the ASR Dutch Core Residential Fund will acquire 168 homes for rent in the mid-priced segment, 85 of which form part of the City of Rotterdam’s Mid-Priced Rental Sector Action Plan.

Tree House Rotterdam

Tree House Rotterdam

Rising to a height of 130 metres, Tree House makes a captivating addition to the Rotterdam skyline, while offering the hospitality sector street-level opportunities to enrich the city’s dynamic urban centre. In the shape of Rotterdam’s innovation and culture platform De Dépendance, Tree House will also be home to a major crowd-puller with socially relevant programming. The stepped wooden terraces on either side of the building provide a pleasant public space for both users and passers-by.

Tree House is at the forefront of circular construction and energy innovations, with a strong focus on the use of sustainable and maintenance-free materials. Meanwhile an abundance of greenery promotes biodiversity and reduces heat stress. Tree House also captures part of the rainwater that runs from the roof of the main hall of Rotterdam Central Station during storms and heavy showers. The building’s smart design choices promote a sustainable and healthy lifestyle among users and visitors. The office section will be delivered with a BREAAM Outstanding certificate.

Tree House Rotterdam Vanaf Spoor

Tree House Rotterdam from Central Station