02 March 2021 | 2 min.

Office Oldelft Ultrasound at TU Delft Campus delivered to ASR Dutch Science Park Fund

Yesterday cepezedprojects delivered the core and shell of the new office on the Heertjeslaan in Delft to the ASR Dutch Science Park Fund, the building’s owner. At the same time its keys were presented to its tenant, Oldelft Ultrasound. The nature-inclusive, ‘circular’ building, which has about 4200 m2 GLA and a BREAAM-Excellent certificate, gives Oldelft Ultrasound room to grow. Oldelft Ultrasound has worked with TU Delft for many years to develop medical ultrasound transducers, and were accordingly keen to have premises on the TU Delft campus. They will now start work on fittings and furnishings, and on getting ready to transfer all their lab equipment to the new building.


The design of the building has given great attention to circular principles; for instance, the steel construction has been made re-usable through dry fixtures and detachable hollow core flooring. The building is ready for possible future expansion, and can be flexibly subdivided in order to maximise its potential function as a multi-tenant building. This intrinsic circularity prepares the building ideally for any future use changes.


Partly because the building is located on the green TU campus in Delft, cepezedprojects has concentrated on creating an ecological, nature-inclusive building. To achieve this, the building has large façade slats that will gradually be covered by climbing plants, made up of a variety of species selected specifically for their physical and aesthetic qualities – their need for sun and water, for instance, their resistance to frost, and their growth speed. The chosen plants will also create an attractive habitat for a variety of birds and insects.

Oplevering Oldelft TU Delft Campus

TNO lab delevired to ASR Dutch Science Park Fund