02 October 2023 | 2 min.

Five stars awarded to a.s.r. real estate funds in GRESB benchmark

This year, a.s.r. real estate’s funds received a five-star rating in the GRESB benchmark. This means these funds are among the 20% most sustainable GRESB funds in the world. The ASR Dutch Science Park Fund has been named Global Non-listed Sector Leader in the Technology/Science category for the second year in a row. Especially in the area of energy efficiency, the funds increased their scores compared to previous years. This is consistent with a.s.r. real estate’s ambition to achieve carbon-neutral property portfolios by 2045.

Dick Gort, CEO of a.s.r. real estate: ‘Our ongoing focus and commitment to sustainability has resulted in annual improvements in our scores. Helped by the Paris Proof roadmaps, we made strides in energy efficiency this year. The five-star rating for all of our funds rewards this.’

This is the first time that GRESB has awarded points for adaptation to climate change. a.s.r. real estate has identified climate risks for all buildings in its portfolios and will spend the upcoming years implementing measures to mitigate risks.

Funds achieve high scores in GRESB benchmark

The ASR Dutch Prime Retail Fund scored 93 points. The high GRESB score can be attributed mainly to more comprehensive insight into data on energy, CO2, waste and water usage. The Fund ranked 2nd in the peer group Netherlands | Retail | Core.

The ASR Dutch Core Residential Fund obtained a score of 92 points. This high score is the result of renovations and incentives for tenants to be more energy efficient. Both lead to a reduction in energy consumption and carbon emissions.

The ASR Dutch Mobility Office Fund scored 93 points. The Fund achieved the high GRESB score mainly because of improved insight into energy consumption and its cooperation with tenants to further reduce energy consumption. The Fund ranked 5th in the peer group Western Europe | Offices | Core.

Finally, the ASR Dutch Science Park Fund was named Global Non-listed Sector Leader in the Technology/Science category. The Fund secured 94 points, up from 87 points last year. Also, for the Science Park Fund, particularly the reduction in energy consumption contributed to the high GRESB score.

ASR DCRF Laurierkwartier Foto Corné Bastiaansen