05 May 2021 | 2 min.

Exact and ASR Dutch Science Park Fund extend lease and opt for green lease

Improving the sustainability of Exact HQ office building: a joint ambition

Exact and a.s.r. real estate, on behalf of ASR Dutch Science Park Fund, recently extended the lease on a long-term basis. They also agreed on a green lease to tie in with Exact’s sustainability ambitions. The joint ambition to improve the sustainability of the Exact HQ office building thus played an important role in extending the lease. This year the roof will be extra insulated and 562 solar panels are being installed, among other things.

The green lease lays down the sustainability agreements for the sustainable and environmentally friendly use of the office building. Both parties, the Fund being the owner and Exact the user of the office building, recognise the importance of sustainability and support each other in achieving the jointly formulated objectives. Together, they strive for a BREEAM-NL In Use Excellent certification.

Additional roof insulation, 562 solar panels and 7 additional electric charging stations

This year, the roof of the Exact HQ office building will be provided with additional insulation to achieve a thermal resistance of an approximate RC-value of 6 (m²K/W). The decision was taken to opt for a climate-adaptive building shell which is to reduce the heating of the office spaces below and improve the efficiency of the 562 solar panels that are to be installed on the roof and carport. In addition, the number of electric charging stations will be increased from 10 to 17.

Hoofdkantoor Exact TU Delft Campus

Colliers acted as the consulting party for Exact.

Exact’s head office at Molengraafsingel 33 in Delft, with a surface area of 9,488 m² and 166 parking spaces was purchased by the ASR Dutch Science Park Fund in September 2019.