26 January 2021 | 2 min.

Dutch insurer to invest €100 million in ASR Dutch Core Residential Fund

A Dutch insurer has committed itself to investing €100 million in the ASR Dutch Core Residential Fund. With this, the residential fund of a.s.r. real estate welcomes its 12th institutional investor.

Robbert van Dijk, fund director of the ASR Dutch Core Residential Fund: ‘This commitment is a great start to the new year and we are pleased with this investor’s choice to join our residential fund. It confirms that our fund strategy is successful and that the fund is able to attract leading investors. With this new investor, we continue to build a portfolio with a focus on the mid-priced rental segment and sustainability, themes that are important to both our investors and society as a whole.’

The investor has appointed SWECO Capital Consultants B.V. as advisor for the selection and implementation of its real estate investments. 

ASR Dutch Core Residential Fund

The ASR Dutch Core Residential Fund invests in sustainable, high-quality apartments and single-family homes, particularly in the mid-priced rental segment. The locations it selects are distinguished bystrong demographic and economic fundamentals, which form the basis for a stable investment climate. The ASR Dutch Core Residential Fund is currently worth €1.7 billion (exclusive of pipeline) and offers a home to approximately 5,000 households. In line with the Fund’s acquisition strategy, the portfolio will grow significantly in the coming years.