19 November 2021 | 3 min.

a.s.r. real estate and AM win Vastgoedmarkt Woon Award for Laurierkwartier project

Media platform Vastgoedmarkt has declared a.s.r. real estate and AM the winners of this year’s Woon Award for the Laurierkwartier project. Each year, the Woon Award is presented to the party that makes the most meaningful contribution, in word and deed, to solving the shortage of affordable housing in the Netherlands. The prize was awarded for the Laurierkwartier residential project in Utrecht, which a.s.r. real estate purchased from AM last year on behalf of the ASR Dutch Core Residential Fund.

Woon Award

Eva Koppelaar (AM) and Kenny Zartarian (a.s.r. real estate) are presented with flowers and the Woon Award.


Laurierkwartier residential project consists of 97 dwellings, which include 50 apartments and 19 single-family dwellings which are rented in accordance with Mid-Priced Rental Sector Action Plan. Since 2014, the City of Utrecht has been actively engaged in expanding its mid-priced rental sector. Laurierwartier meets the action plan’s criteria and is the result of an intensive collaboration between the City of Utrecht, area developer AM and a.s.r. real estate on behalf of the ASR Dutch Core Residential Fund.

Kenny Zartarian, residential asset manager at a.s.r. real estate, is proud to accept the award: ‘We knew we were still in the race, but to actually win means so much more. We see it as confirmation that we are on the right track. In the coming years, we will continue to deploy our impact investing strategy to create affordable mid-rent options in other places.’

Eva Koppelaar, development manager at AM, gives her take on the winning project: ‘At AM, we are committed to creating sustainable and inspiring living environments. We do this with reference to the societal themes we have defined for ourselves. Our focus for Laurierkwartier was on the inclusive city, which we are bringing to life by developing affordable, quality housing with elements such as a community courtyard and space for spontaneous encounters.’

Laurierkwartier wind Woon Award [video Dutch only]

Mid-priced rental segment

For the mid-priced dwellings in Laurierkwartier, the rent is capped at a maximum of €1004 (at 2021 valuation levels), depending on the size of the property. The 50 apartments have an average of 70 sq. m., and the 19 single-family dwellings an average of 98 sq. m. For the first 20 years, rents will be increased by no more than the rate of inflation plus 1 percent. In addition, residents who decide to move on will be given priority in the allocation of mid-priced rental housing.

Impact investing strategy

These elements also impressed the Woon Award jury, chaired by Peter Boelhouwer (TU Delft) and made up of Floor Milikowski (writer/journalist), Hamit Karakus (Platform 31), Chris Kuijpers (Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations) and Robert Paling (editor of Vastgoedmarkt). The jury praised a.s.r. real estate for providing a genuine and practical response to the housing shortage by building in the mid-priced rental segment. They also recognised the long-term commitment by a.s.r. real estate and the ASR Dutch Core Residential Fund to realising 1200 dwellings in the affordable segment.