07 September 2023 | 2 min.

ASR Dutch Prime Retail Fund purchases Spuistraat 10 in The Hague from 070 Vastgoed

Tenant is the world famous brand LEGO®

Recently, a.s.r. real estate purchased the unique monumental retail property at Spuistraat 10 in The Hague from 070 Vastgoed on behalf of the ASR Dutch Prime Retail Fund. The monumental building totals approximately 1,490 m2 spread across five floors. The property has been leased to the world famous brand LEGO®.

Spuistraat in The Hague is known as an A1 shopping street and is a desired location for both local shoppers and tourists. With the purchase of this property in this lively shopping area, the a.s.r. real estate retail fund bolsters its position in the high street segment in The Hague. In addition to this property, the ASR Dutch Prime Retail Fund also owns the old and new Passage and multiple shops in the city centre of The Hague, at locations including Spuistraat, Venestraat and Spui.

Tenant LEGO®
Since 2022, the property at Spuistraat 10 has been leased by LEGO®, a brand that is beloved all over the world for its iconic building blocks. The building and its floorspace offer LEGO® an attractive retail space to present its unique products and welcome customers. The ASR Dutch Prime Retail Fund is also landlord of the brand’s flagship store in Amsterdam.

Den Haag, Spuistraat 10

Spuistraat 10, The Hague

Transformation of Achterom 27-29 into a hotel concept
070 Vastgoed recently became owner of the Spuistraat 10 retail property and an additional 3000 m2 in vacant buildings at Achterom 27-29. Achterom 27-29 was not purchased by a.s.r. real estate but will remain the property of 070 Vastgoed. 070 Vastgoed will be transforming these buildings into a hotel concept.

In this transaction, a.s.r. real estate was assisted by KroesePaternotte.