10 February 2022 | 2 min.

ASR Dutch Core Residential Fund first to achieve portfolio with 100% BREEAM-NL In-Use Residential certification

The ASR Dutch Core Residential Fund has achieved BREEAM-NL In-Use Residential certification for its entire residential portfolio. An achievement that covers nearly 5,000 homes. The ASR Dutch Core Residential Fund is the first Dutch residential fund to have 100% of its portfolio certified with the BREEAM residential quality mark.

The residential fund of a.s.r. real estate was awarded its first Woonmerk certificate in 2017. This certificate was developed by the Dutch Green Building Council (DGBC) in collaboration with several market parties, including a.s.r. real estate. In 2020, Woonmerk became part of the wider BREEAM-NL In-Use certification. By the end of 2021, ASR Dutch Core Residential Fund’s entire residential portfolio had achieved certification.

Proven sustainability

“With this landmark, a.s.r. real estate has taken another tremendous step towards a proven sustainable built environment.” This is the assessment of DGBC’s director Annemarie van Doorn. “This is the level of commitment to smart building for the future that all real estate owners should be showing. a.s.r. real estate is an inspiration and is right to look beyond the limits of the traditional business case.”

For the ASR Dutch Core Residential Fund, building a sustainable portfolio has always been a key strategic objective. Robbert van Dijk, the Fund’s director, explains: “Thanks to the BREEAM-NL In-Use Residential certification, we have a better insight into the sustainability performance of our dwellings. But it also puts us in an even better position to make further sustainable improvements to our properties and to optimise our tenants’ user experience in terms of sustainability, comfort, health and accessibility.”

Woningen Zoetermeer ASR DCRF, Futura, Fotografie Corne Bastiaansen

Dwellings Zoetermeer

BREEAM-NL In-Use Residential

The sustainability label is the local version of BREEAM International In-Use Residential. BREEAM in the Netherlands is developed and managed by the Dutch Green Building Council. For years, BREEAM NL In-Use has been the leading management tool to tackle integrated sustainability of existing utility buildings in a targeted and measurable way.

The assessor was Jan Roersen of consulting firm W4Y.