28 February 2022 | 3 min.

AM delivers 97 Laurierkwartier dwellings to ASR Dutch Core Residential Fund

AM has delivered the 97 dwellings in the Laurierkwartier project to ASR Dutch Core Residential Fund. On completion the majority of the dwellings were let under the City of Utrecht’s Mid-Priced Rental Sector Action Plan. In this way, AM and a.s.r. real estate’s residential fund are supporting affordable housing in Utrecht. All 97 dwellings were let at the outset.

Laurierkwartier consists of 50 apartments and 47 rental houses built around a communal garden. The parking spaces are clustered under a living deck that includes both the private roof gardens of the deck houses and the communal courtyard garden for all tenants. Laurierkwartier is located in a prominent location in the Hoge Weide district to the west of Utrecht and forms a link between the suburb of Parkwijk and the lower-rise buildings in Hoge Weide.

Laurierkwartier ASR Dutch Core Residential Fund

Dwellings Laurierkwartier

Dwellings let in the mid-priced rental segment

On completion some 69 of the dwellings were made available in the mid-priced rental segment, with fixed rents and subject to maximum annual indexation. The dwellings fall within the Mid-Priced Rental Sector Action Plan. Under this plan, the city of Utrecht and various market participants, including a.s.r. real estate and AM, have committed to expanding the provision of mid-priced rental dwellings in Utrecht. The other 28 single-family houses will be let in the private sector.

a.s.r. real estate and AM recently won the Vastgoedmarkt Woon Award for building and letting additional dwellings in the mid-priced rental segment in Laurierkwartier. The Woon Award was presented to the parties making the most meaningful contribution, in word and deed, to solving the shortage of affordable housing in the Netherlands.

Circular and climate-adaptive design

Circularity plays an important role in the use of materials for both the dwellings and the courtyard garden. The traditional masonry facades of a number of dwellings in Laurierkwartier, for example, are partly circular due to the use of an innovative stacking system. The paving bricks in the car park have also been reused, wood has been used in various facades and the walkway through the apartment complex is made entirely of wood.

The well-equipped green courtyard garden is a place for socialising, exercise, gardening and play. The furniture and the playground equipment in the communal courtyard garden are made from residual or recycled materials. There is also a refurbished greenhouse. Rainwater is collected in a buffer under the courtyard garden so that it can be reused in the garden.

The construction of the housing complex was carried out by BAM Wonen.


Rianne Heuker

Rianne Heuker

marketing & communications advisor

Rianne is marketing & communications advisor at a.s.r. real estate.