Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation ASR Dutch Core Residential Fund

In this statement, the Fund provides information on conduct regarding the integration of sustainability risks into our investment decision process as referred to in Article 3 of the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation EU Regulation 2019/2088 or "SFDR"). In addition, we refer to the specific product information on environmental and social features and sustainable investments within the meaning of Articles 8 and 9 of the SFDR. For more sustainability information, please consult the prospectus and annual report.

  • - 29 december 2023 -

    The ASR Dutch Core Residential Fund is managed by a.s.r. real estate, which is part of the a.s.r. group headed by ASR Nederland N.V. ASR Nederland N.V. has group-wide sustainability, remuneration, tax and procurement policies. a.s.r. real estate applies these policies also with a view to sustainable business operations. The remuneration policy sets out how this policy is aligned with the integration of sustainability risks policy. For more information on the Sustainability Policy of a.s.r. group please see

    The ESG policy of a.s.r. real estate ( includes criteria, standards and procedures and aims to manage and mitigate sustainability risks that could have (potential) material negative impact on the environment and the value of investments.

    ASR DCRF has its own ESG policy, in line with the ESG policy of a.s.r. real estate and the group-wide sustainability policy. These set out the specific sustainability objectives for the Fund. The ESG policies of the Fund can be found here. 

    The ESG targets are reviewed annually in the ESG Annual Report and the ESG policy is updated annually as part of the three-year business plan. The Fund's current ESG objectives can be found in the above ESG policy.

  • - 29 december 2023 -

    As an integral part of the Fund’s strategy, all activities must comply with the ESG policy. All material investment/divestment proposals are discussed in the Investment Committee of a.s.r. real estate, which includes the statutory board of a.s.r. real estate and managing directors of its business lines, supported by an independent analysis by legal, tax, research, compliance and risk officers. Above a certain threshold value specified in the fund governance, investment/divestment proposals will be submitted to the Investment Committee of the Fund for approval.

    The main sustainability risks for the sustainability targets will be monitored in accordance with the other fund objectives by an integrated risk management system based on a risk control matrix and enterprise risk management.

  • - 29 december 2023 -

    In accordance with Article 4 paragraph 1 a of the SFDR, ASR DCRF declares to consider the main adverse effects on sustainability factors in its investment decisions. ASR DCRF contributes to various environmental and social characteristics. Adverse effects on sustainability are considered in due diligence and investment decision procedures, but also through exclusions in case of insufficient sustainability labelling and certifications.