03 February 2022 | 2 min.

Senior housing: how to solve the mismatch in the residential market

In the next twenty years, the main driver for demographic growth in the Netherlands is the ever-growing senior age group (≥ 65 year-olds). Yet this group is one of the least sufficiently served target groups in the Dutch residential market. Unsuitable homes, inadequate living environments and high rental prices leave a considerable number of senior households with no option but to stay where they are, which in turn makes the residential market less mobile.

The role of seniors in the Dutch demographic and residential landscape

This paper examines the specific role of seniors in the current Dutch demographic and residential landscape and that providing sufficient, suitable and affordable housing for seniors at the right locations is of great importance for both seniors and the residential market in general. To conclude, ASR Dutch Core Residential Fund’s contribution to this topic will be discussed.

Senior housing in the mid-priced rental segment

To create movement in the market and to serve seniors in their (future) living needs, we consclude that more affordable and suitable housing options in the immediate vicinity of seniors’ current home and living environments will be of great importance in the coming years.