Sustainability and forward thinking are in our DNA

Responsible asset management is a top priority at a.s.r. real estate. We believe that we can only guarantee long-term returns if properties are sustainably attractive to users and society. Our focus is therefore on sustainable value development of real estate and agricultural land. This is how we contribute to a viable society – for now and for future generations. To achieve this aim, we focus on four pillars:

Planet: committed to making a positive impact on the climate and society

We want to make a positive impact on nature, society and the climate. We do this by reducing carbon emissions, accelerating the energy transition, reducing waste and water consumption, and developing 'Paris-proof' and climate-adaptive portfolios.

Property: sustainable real estate portfolios

Healthy, viable environments require sustainable real estate. That is why we enhance the level of sustainability in existing real estate to the greatest possible extent, and we set high quality standards for new construction. Sustainability is also reflected in the agricultural land and country estates that we manage where we practice sustainable soil and forest management.

Partners: building long-term relationships with sustainable partners

Corporate social responsibility is not something we do alone. We build long-term relationships with sustainable partners, lessees and leaseholders. This enables us to optimise the quality of use and the sustainability of our real estate and agricultural land. We also aim for satisfied lessees and leaseholders.

People: satisfied employees

We believe it is important to be an attractive employer. We prioritise the well-being of our employees and encourage them to reach their full potential. In addition, we ensure that everyone at a.s.r. real estate is fully committed and aware of their particular role in achieving our CSR objectives.

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a.s.r. to reward farmers for sustainable business operations

We reward farmers who are committed to sustainable business operations. Farmers who use agricultural land owned by a.s.r. can receive a discount of 5 to 10% on the rent if they manage their land sustainably. With this new step, a.s.r. aims to accelerate the sustainability transition.

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Dak Kantoor Daalsesingel

Building a data-based climate-adaptive portfolio

The four climate risks for the Netherlands are heat, drought, flooding and extreme precipitation. a.s.r. real estate has identified and analysed these risks for our portfolio in preparation for predicted impacts.

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Winkelcentrum Tref In Middelburg Artist Impression

Paris Proof, making it work: redevelopment of the shopping centre TREF

The redevelopment of the convenience shopping centre TREF in Middelburg resulted in around a 60% decrease in energy consumption. This redevelopment represents a significant step towards achieving a Paris Proof convenience portfolio for the ASR Dutch Prime Retail Fund.

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Climate-smart agriculture

As asset manager in the agricultural sector, we are committed to enabling farmers to achieve their business targets while meeting our sustainability objectives. We have translated these objectives under the principles of Climate-Smart Agriculture.

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Daalsesingel Kantoor Verduurzaming ASR Dutch Mobility Office Fund

Improving the sustainability of Daalsesingel 51 is good for the climate

Insight into the negative effects of climate change is essential in order to anticipate the impact. ASR Dutch Mobility Office Fund has such insight and is taking steps wherever possible.

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