Sustainability and forward thinking are in our DNA

We believe that long-term returns can only be guaranteed if objects are sustainably attractive to users and society. We therefore want to have a positive effect on nature, society and the climate with our investments – now and for future generations. We invest in long-term relationships with our partners, lessees and tenants, and we invest in ways that make an impact because we contribute to the solving of social problems. To make sure we achieve this, ESG and ‘impact investing’ are important aspects of our company.

Reducing CO² emissions

We are working towards having a CO2 neutral portfolio with which we can make a positive impact. In 2020, we signed the Paris Proof Commitment of the Dutch Green Building Council, which is a commitment to make our portfolio CO2 neutral by 2045. This is not just a promise for something we will do in the future – we are working on this now. We are reducing CO2 emissions, accelerating the energy transition, using raw materials sparingly and adapting to climate change. We are consciously dealing with waste and water and, where possible, installing solar panels on buildings. We are also listening to the advice of ecologists, so that we can make the right investments for the restoration and promotion of local ecosystems. We also instal green roofs and beehives on selected buildings. In short, we are working on a futureproof and climate-adaptive real estate portfolio.

Making a positive impact on society

We want to make a positive impact on society and create a pleasant environment for our lessees, tenants and employees. That is why we invest in such things as suitable and affordable housing, paying extra attention to homes for the elderly so that we meet their living requirements and stimulate flow on the housing market. We also invest in shared transport to stimulate sustainable mobility. That is how we not only facilitate our tenants’ needs but reduce CO² emissions in the chain.

As an employer, we attach great importance to the wellbeing of our employees and make the best use we can of everyone’s potential. For example, at least 1% of annual salaries is spent on training and development activities and at least 1% on sustainable employment practices.

Compliant with sustainability regulations

In line with our mission of ‘investing in perpetual value’, we believe that sustainability is an important factor in our long-term strategy. To achieve our strategic objectives, we have put together a specific framework for managing our sustainability efforts. We take part in sector-wide sustainability alternatives and benchmarks, such as GRESB. We also share knowledge and experience and are constantly seeking cooperation with partners, because we believe that corporate social responsibility is not something you can do alone. Together we can make a real impact and take steps in this sector.