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Retail properties

Retail properties

  • Wide and varied supply of retail properties

  • In the dominant shopping cities and areas in the Netherlands

  • High street retail

  • District shopping centres

  • Supermarkets


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Our account- and assetmanagers are aware of the issues in your region. They also know what is important when choosing a retail space. During an informal meeting, they will help you map out your needs so you can work together to make a decision that suits your requirements and budget. 

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Portefolio retail properties

Portfolio retail properties

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Retail properties

a.s.r. real estate invests in retail real estate for institutional investors. Investing in high-quality and sustainable real estate is central to our business. The portfolio consists of prime retail real estate with years of stable rental income and balanced value creation. The shops are located in the most important Dutch retail locations. 

a.s.r. real estate offers a wide and varied supply of retail property for a variety of clients. All of them can count on a personal approach to management and maintenance with the focus on high-quality and sustainability that we value. 

Personal approach
Because we manage almost all the locations ourselves, you can count on short lines of communication and a personal approach. Do you need to report a fault or do you have questions about your contract? Contact our account managers for prompt and friendly service.

Sustainability has long played a major role in our real estate. This means that we invest in real estate where people will want to live, work and shop in the future and that meets today’s requirements for energy conservation and environmental protection.

Our real estate reflects quality. This means that pay a great deal of attention to management and maintenance. We also believe it is important to invest in buildings that a lot of people use, so many of our shops are in A-1 locations.

About a.s.r. real estate

a.s.r. real estate has been investing in real estate for more than 125 years, and manages investments for institutional investors.

We manage real estate portfolios that are highly lettable under varying economic conditions.