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BEMOG Project Development sells 61 houses to ASR Dutch Core Residential Fund

BEMOG Project Development sells 61 houses to ASR Dutch Core Residential Fund

On behalf of the ASR Dutch Core Residential Fund, a.s.r. real estate has purchased 61 apartments from BEMOG Project Development. The properties form part of the HAAVE new-build project in the Boerhaave district of Haarlem Zuid. The homes will be let in the mid-priced rental segment, of boosting the availability of affordable houses. Work on the project will commence this summer and is expected to be completed by the end of 2023, with building firm Heddes Bouw & Ontwikkeling taking care of construction and development.

The HAAVE new-build project, which is surrounded by water, comprises a total of 150 houses and apartments across three residential buildings, including 16 privately commissioned homes. The ASR Dutch Core Residential Fund will purchase the 61 rental apartments, along with 47 parking spaces and a commercial outlet.

HAAVE will be built to a design by Rijnboutt architects. It incorporates a wealth of natural materials, with plenty of space for greenery and children’s playgrounds. The plan as a whole radiates warmth and character, with an eye for detail and variation. Sustainability is another focus of attention. Solar and geothermal energy will be used, excess rainwater will be collected in a wadi and shared electric transport will be made available to residents.

“HAAVE will be an outstanding asset for the ASR Dutch Core Residential Fund portfolio,” says Robbert van Dijk, fund director at ASR Dutch Core Residential Fund. “The project is located in a strong economic and demographic region and contributes to our sustainability ambitions, while reflecting our impact investment strategy. By adding mid-priced rental apartments to the fund’s portfolio, this investment represents a positive step in tackling the pressing social issue of affordable housing.”

“Thanks to these rental properties, HAAVE offers an exemplary mix of homes in different classes,” says BEMOG developer Bavon de Vor. “In addition to owner-occupied and rental apartments for singles, young professionals and seniors, the project also features very generous townhouses to suit large families. The plan will take shape on the site of the former Damiate high school on Amerikaweg, a location that holds fond memories for many locals. Among the new houses on the old school grounds, we are laying out a park where people can play and meet once again. The water surrounding the plan provides a natural separation from the through route to work and the city centre. The new residents will have underground parking at their disposal.”

Haarlem Zuid
Haarlem Zuid was created in the 1960s. Boerhaavewijk is located in Schalkwijk, a district of Haarlem Zuid where HAAVE will take shape, is up and coming. Apartment blocks are being sustainably renovated or replaced with new high-quality homes. Substantial investments are also being made in the quality of life in the neighbourhood. Plenty of new green spaces are being added and facilities in the immediate vicinity are undergoing renewal and expansion. HAAVE’s convenient location in relation to the city centre and nearby roads add to the appeal of this attractive residential environment.