03 November 2022 | 1 min.

Market update third quarter 2022

The local impact of global events: effects of economic turbulence on the Dutch real estate market

The uncertain outcome of the war in Ukraine, Russia’s role as an important oil and gas supplier, geopolitical tension in Asia and China’s economic slowdown (a.o. due to their zero-COVID strategy) have exposed huge vulnerabilities in our globalized economy. Surging inflation as a result of all these global developments is currently being suppressed by central banks by hiking interest rates to cool down consumption and growth. a.s.r. real estate's Q3 2022 Real estate market update details what the implications are for the Dutch economy, the major real estate sectors and farmland.


Market update

Read more on the recent developments within all major real estate sectors in the third quarter of 2022.



Marco van der Spank

Marco van der Spank


Marco is researcher for the ASR Dutch Core Residential Fund and ASR Dutch Science Park Fund.