04 April 2022 | 2 min.

a.s.r. further commits itself to energy transition with acquisition of Nieuwe Hemweg wind farm

a.s.r. has acquired Nieuwe Hemweg wind farm in the Amsterdam port area from Vattenfall. The wind farm has been completed last year and has a total of six new wind turbines. Wind farm Nieuwe Hemweg is the third wind farm that a.s.r. real estate purchases on behalf of a.s.r., and thus strengthens its contribution to the energy transition and a sustainable living environment.

In total, the six wind turbines have a combined capacity of 13.2 MW. This is equivalent to the energy consumption of about 10,000 households and is considerably more than the eight wind turbines in the port area that were replaced. Vattenfall will continue to purchase the power generated by the turbines after the sale. This investment contributes to the target set by a.s.r. to have invested €4.5 billion in impact investments by the end of 2024.

Windpark Nieuwe Hemweg_Fotografie Vattenfall

Wind farm Nieuwe Hemweg - Photography Vattenfall

Dick Gort, CEO of a.s.r. real estate: ‘a.s.r. wants to be a leader in sustainable entrepreneurship within the financial sector. I’m proud that we are acquiring three wind farms this year, thereby increasing our share in sustainable energy projects in which we are investing on behalf of a.s.r. Together with the Jaap Rodenburg wind farm in Almere en a part of Ariane wind farm in the Wieringermeer, we will soon own three operational wind farms. In the future, we will continue to focus on sustainable energy sources that contribute to the energy transition and a sustainable living environment.’

About Nieuwe Hemweg wind farm

Nieuwe Hemweg wind farm is characterised by its unique location and cooperation. NS (Dutch Railways) owns the land on which the windmills stand. Vattenfall built the wind farm and the land around it belongs to ProRail. It’s the first wind farm in the Netherlands right next to a train siding. The wind farm reopened on 7 July 2021. Vattenfall replaced the eight turbines by six more powerful wind turbines on the NS premises in the Amsterdam port.