06 May 2021 | 2 min.

a.s.r. buys Jaap Rodenburg wind farm from Vattenfall

a.s.r. is to become the owner of the Jaap Rodenburg wind farm. The ten existing wind turbines in Almere Pampus will be replaced by new, more powerful ones, with a.s.r. taking over eight of the turbines from Vattenfall. The remaining two will be transferred to the local energy cooperative Almeerse Wind after construction. With this purchase, as a sustainable insurer, a.s.r. wishes to contribute to the energy transition and to a sustainable living environment.

The ten new wind turbines have an aggregate capacity of 38 megawatt. The amount of power they generate annually is equal to the consumption of approximately 28,000 households. The construction of the new wind turbines will start this month and they are expected to be operational by the end of this year.

Martijn Hagens, CEO Vattenfall Nederland: ‘Vattenfall is investing heavily in the development of wind and solar farms, but we want to do even more to make fossil free living possible within one generation. The sale of Jaap Rodenburg allows us to start up new projects, so that we can further accelerate the energy transition.’

Dick Gort, CEO a.s.r. real estate: ‘a.s.r. wants to be a leader in sustainable entrepreneurship within the financial sector. As a real estate asset manager, a.s.r. real estate therefore invests in sustainable energy sources, including wind and solar parks. With the acquisition of the Jaap Rodenburg wind farm, we are contributing to the energy transition and a sustainable living environment. I am proud that we are investing directly on behalf of a.s.r. in this sustainable energy project and that our brand name soon will be visible on wind turbines. We expect other similar investments to follow in the future.’

Windpark Jaap Rodenburg

Wind farm Jaap Rodenburg

Jaap Rodenburg wind farm

The first wind turbines were erected near Almere in 2000. Due to the expected construction of a new residential area, they were to remain in place until 2015. The plans for this new residential area have now been postponed until after 2035 and the municipality has therefore granted permission to rebuild the existing farm. By replacing existing wind turbines with new ones, more sustainable electricity can be generated. The plans were developed in cooperation with the local energy cooperative Almeerse Wind, which will operate two of the wind turbines. The layout of the park was established in consultation with local residents.