30 November 2021 | 2 min.

a.s.r. has added three non-listed funds to its European real estate portfolio

Over the past 12 months a.s.r. invested more than €300 million into funds managed by BNP Paribas Real Estate Investment Management, Europa Capital and LaSalle Investment Management. The investments, selected and managed by a.s.r. real estate’s department Investment Partners, enabled a.s.r. to further expand and diversify its international real estate portfolio.

‘Combining these three funds offers a.s.r. an attractive opportunity to expand its international real estate portfolio. Being a cornerstone investor in European Impact Property Fund and Europa Diversified Income Fund enabled us to have a measurable climate impact and invest in high quality seed portfolios consisting of residential and logistics assets. The investment in LaSalle Encore+ provided direct diversification into the main European core markets with proven track record. The visions of all aforementioned funds are also aligned in terms of sustainability and social responsible investing.’ according to Dick Gort, ceo of a.s.r. real estate.

The European Impact Property Fund, managed by BNP Paribas Real Estate Investment Management, is focused on stable income and having a quantifiable impact on the climate. The fund has put in place a detailed climate reporting system to quantify the fund’s positive impact on assets and to measure the success of reducing GhG emissions and contribution to the low carbon transition.

The Europa Diversified Income Fund, managed by Europa Capital, is an open-ended fund focused on creating stable and diversified income through tactical sector weightings towards the logistics, residential and office sectors. The fund is focused on the resilient economies of Germany, France, the Netherlands and Denmark and aims to provide long-term outperformance of market benchmarks, for which ESG considerations are a key performance metric.

LaSalle Encore+, managed by LaSalle Investment Management, is a stabilized open-ended fund which focuses on real estate investments in social-economic attractive cities in the European Economic Area. By choosing to invest in this fund a.s.r. was instantly exposed to a balanced and diversified portfolio.