04 July 2022 | 2 min.

“Our philosophy is to have a positive impact on science park ecosystems”

We have positioned the ASR Dutch Science Park Fund as a positive impact investing as we want to create perpetual value for our investors and society in high quality real estate. Science parks fit in this strategy as they are unique places where frontrunners in the knowledge economy are working on new solutions and innovations for our society.

Our philosophy is to have a positive impact on science park ecosystems. We achieve that through sustainable buildings with limiting effect on the environment in line with the Paris Proof Roadmap. In our opinion impact is about facilitating and cooperating with the users in the ecosystem to achieve their goals in good health and satisfaction. The fund can invest in standing investment and also in developments. The fund applies Build-to-Core strategies which means that developments can be done through forward funding or turn key.

Current shareholders are institutional investors such as insurance companies and pension funds. It is important that the current and future shareholders have the same long-term focus and share the beliefs about this market segment. The ideal tenant-type is always related to the building type and the position of the tenant in the ecosystem. Our aim is to have a suitable real estate solution for every company profile. We also facilitate company growth as we know that start-ups can become scale-ups and beyond.

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