ASR Dutch Farmland Fund


ASR Dutch Farmland Fund portfolio

The portfolio of the ASR Dutch Farmland Fund is diverse and covers the length and breadth of the the Netherlands. We lease land to dairy farmers, arable farmers and other agricultural entrepreneurs. In the portfolio, we promote the principles of climate-smart farming.

Sustainable farming

In 2010, Harro Oosting switched to organic farming, starting with his chickens and incorporating the arable part of his business soon after. He believes that organic farming doesn’t have to be complicated, and that it offers a great many advantages. In addition to the financial benefits, it gives him a sense of fulfilment to contribute to a better environment and more sustainable food production. Watch the video to find out how he managed the changeover and learn more about the importance of good soil.

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Organic farmer Harro Oosting

This slide displays Harro Oosting.

Soil quality

Arable farmer Henk Horring is committed to improving the soil structure for his crops and ensuring that his land remains healthy for farming. He does this by rotating crops with other farmers, by working the land using methods that do not deplete the soil and by using eco-friendly manure to activate soil life. He sees the increasing quality of the soil reflected in his produce. How? He explains all in his entrepreneur video.

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Arable farmer Henk Horring

This slide displays Henk Horring.

Innovative farming

Arable farmer Aart-Jan Bil from Schorreblommen in Zeeland is a real pioneer in sea greens. On 3 of his 20 hectares of land, he cultivates marsh samphire and sea aster, better known as sea lavender. He discovered this passion quite by chance and has since turned it into a serious business operation in collaboration with a sea greens trader. Business is booming but there is still a challenge ahead. Salinization is a major problem. How does he see the future of this particular niche market? This innovative farmer shares his vision and his efforts to boost the salt tolerance of his crops.

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Arable farmer Aart-Jan Bil

This slide displays Aart Jan Bil.

Nature-inclusive farming

Griendhouthandel Van Aalsburg is a modern family business in Hellouw that grows and supplies osier beds for various applications. The company is committed to the use of natural materials to reduce the need for plastics. A great opportunity, says Dick van Aalsburg, one of the brothers behind the business. He explains exactly how it all works in his entrepreneur video.

Watch the entrepreneur video [Dutch only]

Entrepreneur Van Aalsburg

This slide displays Van Aalburg.