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CSR - ASR Dutch Mobility Office Fund

undefinedThe aim of the ASR Dutch Mobility Office Fund is to establish and maintain an office portfolio with an intrinsic long-term value. As defined in the ASR DMOF strategy, long-term value can be created near national and international mobility hubs with a strong focus on train stations. We aim to offer offices that are comfortable, accommodate multiple tenants and meet the current and future wishes of tenants in terms of use, flexibility and sustainability. These offices have a proven track record as being among the most attractive places to work throughout the economic office real estate cycle.

Our CSR policy is based on four key pillars, the four Ps: Property, People, Partners and Planet. This means that, in our efforts to achieve a sustainable property portfolio, we seek to build long-term relationships with sustainable partners. We are also looking to make an active contribution ourselves to society and the environment. For details on how we go about doing this, we refer to the CSR policy ASR DMOF 2021-2023. Each P has a strategic objective. The CSR annual report describes the results of the strategic objectives.

SFDR statement ASR Dutch Mobility Office Fund

Five-star GRESB rating 
Since 2018, the Fund’s CSR performance is measured and explained in the GRESB benchmark. GRESB is an independent, scientifically based benchmark that assesses sustainability policies and their execution of real estate funds and portfolios worldwide. In 2020 the Fund has been rewarded with a 5-star rating. For the years to come, the Fund expects their GRESB score will increase even more due to their focus on tenant satisfaction within a new survey, Green Building Certificates and the portfolio’s energy performance.