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ASR Dutch Mobility Office Fund

ASR Dutch Mobility Office Fund

High-quality office buildings near mobility hubs.

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Fund size
Fund size
€ 600 million (incl. pipeline)
Total items
Total items
19 (incl. pipeline)
Expected return
Expected return
Total IRR 6% - 8%

ASR Dutch Mobility Office Fund

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By investing in the ASR Dutch Mobility Office Fund, institutional investors can share a piece of the high-quality office real estate pie. The fund’s buildings are located near mobility hubs: important train and metro stations in the Netherlands. 70% of the portfolio is located near international mobility hubs and in the five largest cities in the Netherlands, i.e. Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht, Eindhoven and The Hague.

Offices near public transport stations represent a selective market segment with a huge potential. Businesses are attaching increasing importance to renting offices that are close to public transport facilities. That is what makes the offices of the ASR Dutch Mobility Office Fund, all of which are located near public transport hubs, an attractive proposition for investors.

The fund’s strategy is aimed at high-quality offices in the immediate vicinity of mobility hubs, i.e. large train and metro stations in the Netherlands and Schiphol. These locations offer the right mix of local facilities and public transport functions, as well as a large variety of amenities. The investment policy is based on internally developed research tools.

In order to optimize returns, the fund has chosen to dedicate at least 70% of its portfolio to office buildings. A maximum 30% of the portfolio can be invested in multi-storey car parks and other facilities; this guarantees diversification in the fund. Active asset management will help the portfolio grow consistently and meet the requirements of tomorrow’s world on a sustainable basis.




The portfolio of the ASR Dutch Mobility Office Fund consists of high-quality properties located near mobility hubs in the Netherlands: important train and metro stations, and Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. 

Why choose ASR Dutch Mobility Office Fund

  • High-quality office real estate near mobility hubs
  • High occupancy rate and stable rental income
  • Strategy based on thorough research and self-developed tools
  • Active asset management

Fund profile (as per 30 June 2020)

Fund name

ASR Dutch Mobility Office Fund


Offices (multi and single tenant) at mobility hubs

Fundsize including pipeline

Approximately € 600 million

Total number of objects including pipeline

19 (incl. pipeline)

Risk Profile/investment style



Unlimited life, open-end fund


0% (with a maximum of 30%)

Fiscal structure

Mutual Fund


Meeting of Investors, Investment Committee


Institutional investors, co-investment a.s.r. no less than 15% or at least €100 million

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