‘MyHome’ – the a.s.r. tenant portal Conditions of Use

1. Definitions

a.s.r. is defined as:
ASR Dutch Core Residential Custodian B.V., acting as legal owner for the mutual fund ASR Dutch Core Residential Fund, represented by ASR Real Estate B.V., trading name a.s.r. real estate.

User is defined as:
Tenant with a rental agreement with ASR Dutch Core Residential Custodian B.V., or a third party authorised by a.s.r. to use MijnWoning in the performance of his or her activities for the benefit of a.s.r.

MyHome is defined as:
The digital application with which a.s.r. and the user can exchange information in digital form.

2. MyHome: Right of use

2.1 a.s.r. grants the user a right of use of MyHome, free of charge, under the following conditions and provisions.
2.2 This right of use includes the right of the user to receive messages from and send messages to a.s.r. using MyHome. The user receives online access to his or her personal data from a.s.r. via MyHome, with which he or she can view and organise his or her rental issues.
2.3 The user only has access to MyHome in the manner prescribed by a.s.r.
a.s.r. only issues one right of use per residence.

3. Accessibility during maintenance, support with login problems and up-to-date computer hardware and software

3.1 a.s.r. is entitled to temporarily or permanently take MyHome out of use, or to limit its use, for example for maintenance, in the event of fraud or a suspicion of fraud, or in the event of a malfunction in the hardware, software or infrastructure.
3.2 a.s.r. offers the user support with logging in and registration by means of a dedicated helpdesk. This helpdesk can be contacted on working days between 8 AM and 5 PM on telephone number +31 30 257 85 63. If the user has problems with logging in or registration then a.s.r. offers telephone support.
3.3 The user will make use of computer resources that are in general use. These are defined as PCs, mobile devices (tablets and smartphones) and software packages (operating systems, desktop applications and browsers) that are generally used and are of a version that is still supported by the manufacturers. If the user deviates from this a.s.r. will only be able to provide limited support, if any.

4. Password requirements

The user has access to MyHome with a username (email address) and password.
4.1 The user is responsible for the strictly personal use of his or her username and password, and will ensure that his or her username and password are not used by unauthorised persons.
4.2 The user will comply with the following usage and security instructions:
● keep password secret;
● do not record password on paper;
● change password once the suspicion arises that the system or the password are not properly secured;
● choose a password that is not easy to guess or to acquire by making use of personal information such as names, telephone numbers, dates of birth, etc.;
● choose a password that complies with the given instructions.

5. Obligations of the user

5.1 The user is obliged to immediately report irregularities in the use of MyHome to a.s.r., for example if a message is sent that does not originate from the user.
5.2 If communication via MyHome is not possible, or if other problems occur, then the user must report this to a.s.r. immediately. The user can make such a report by sending an email to mijnwoning.realestate@asr.nl.

6. Liability

6.1 a.s.r. is not liable for direct or indirect consequential or other damage (including any loss of income, loss incurred, lost profit etc.) that arises from the use of MyHome except in the event of wilful misconduct or gross negligence on its part.

7. Termination

7.1 a.s.r. is authorised to terminate the right of use in accordance with these conditions with immediate effect if:
● The user, in the opinion of a.s.r., acts in contravention of any provision of these conditions.
● The user acts in conflict with the interests of a.s.r.
● The user no longer has a rental agreement with a.s.r.
7.2 The access rights end automatically and immediately at the time that the user’s right of use ends.
7.3 a.s.r. is entitled to deny the user access, or to remove the user from the system, if the security of the right of use is compromised.
7.4 a.s.r. can stop this service provision via MyHome, or amend the conditions.

8. Privacy

8.1 a.s.r. and the user will both take appropriate technical and organisational measures (taking due account of the state of the technology, the costs of implementation and the risks entailed by the processing and the nature of the personal data) to protect personal data against accidental or unlawful destruction, against accidental loss, falsification, unauthorised distribution or access, or against any other form of unlawful processing.
8.2 a.s.r. and the user undertake to grant each other all cooperation in order to fulfil their obligations in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations, including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
8.3 a.s.r. is entitled to record data on the use of MyHome by the user.
8.4 The privacy statement of ASR Real Estate B.V. applies to the data that a.s.r. acquires from the user.

9. Amendments

9.1 a.s.r. is entitled to unilaterally amend these conditions. Amendments come into force immediately after their announcement, or on a later date that is stated in the announcement. If the user cannot accept the amendments the right of use ends by operation of law on the date on which the new conditions become applicable, or on the date on which the user indicates his or her unwillingness to accept the conditions if this date is earlier.