29 August 2022 | 3 min.

Two iconic residential towers added to The Hague skyline

Residential project The Roofs comprises 655 rental homes in the social housing, mid-range and high-end segments.

a.s.r. real estate is expanding its portfolio with The Roofs, two new additions to The Hague’s skyline. These 100 and 120 metre high-rise apartment buildings are being realised on a vacant plot of land close to The Hague Central Station. The project comprises a total of 655 rental units, ranging from social housing to mid-range and high-end homes. The project offers a unique residential concept that creates cohesion between residents with a special app and a meeting space.

The Roofs’ relatively small plot, wedged between The Hague Central Station and the Royal Library, will have 114 social housing units, 295 medium-rent homes and 246 luxury apartments, with views of the North Sea, The Hague forest and even the Rotterdam skyline. The two residential towers will kick off a complete makeover of the area east of Central Station, including the partial covering of Utrechtsebaan and the extension of the pedestrian route towards Bezuidenhout.

Sustainable residential towers
All homes in The Roofs are gas free and meet high sustainability standards. The building also offers residents shared mobility and, with Central Station right next door, various public transport options. Parking is available in the underground car park with around 247 parking spaces for cars and over 1,500 for bicycles. Boasting a striking design, the two residential towers’ façades feature natural stone and wood. The ground level provides 700 square metres of floor space for cafés, restaurants and other services.

Eating and exercising with other residents
Robbert van Dijk, director of the ASR Dutch Core Residential Fund: “The Roofs offers a wide range of target groups the chance to live in a very attractive location in The Hague. We are happy to contribute to the current efforts to increase the city’s housing supply. The Roofs will bring more liveliness to this area, which will continue to develop in the years to come.”

These towers will have it all: homes in every rental segment, as well as hospitality and various shops on the ground floor. This creates enormous added value for both the residents and the surrounding area. The Roofs offers all the facilities for a close-knit and engaged residential community, including a special app that residents can use to exercise, eat and do activities together.”

The Villy meeting space to improve residents’ quality of life
One of the street-level spaces will be home to The Villy. This will be the sustainable residential towers’ most important meeting space, aimed at bringing people together to improve the neighbourhood’s quality of life.

Parties involved
The Roofs is a shared investment by real estate asset manager a.s.r. real estate, acting on behalf of the ASR Dutch Core Residential Fund, and of the CBRE Dutch Residential Fund. The investment is managed by CBRE Investment Management. The buildings were designed by Rotterdam-based architectural firm MVRDV and developed by Provast. While the residential towers are yet to be completed, they are already fully let thanks to Wooove and Frisia.

Den Haag, The Roofs, Artist Impression