a.s.r. real estate


a.s.r. real estate offers a wide range of rental properties. Our residential portfolio is characterised by its variety of medium-sized apartments and single-family homes, mainly in the Randstad, that can be rented out in different economic circumstances. Close monitoring of rental prices, maintenance and sales and purchase of residential properties ensure that the residential portfolio provides stable returns for our shareholders.

Satisfied tenants
We strive for high satisfaction rates among our tenants. For this reason, our homes are well maintained with services provided for both large-scale and smaller everyday maintenance and repairs. You can contact the complex managers in person; if there are complaints, you can contact us directly and we will seek to solve the issue. We also conduct an annual satisfaction survey among our clients.

Long-term perspective
As an investor, you can expect a.s.r. real estate to be honest and open. We are always clear about the type of residential properties that we are or are not willing to invest in and about the decisions that we make. We believe that decisions should serve a long-term perspective and so we thoroughly assess our own residential property portfolio. Each year, we conduct an assessment of returns and decide what to do with each residential property or complex: keep it in our portfolio, renovate it or sell it (individual sales or entire complex).

Sustainable housing
Sustainability is highly valued by a.s.r. real estate. In addition to the fact that we install energy-efficient lighting in residential properties and complexes and only use FSC-approved wood for kitchen renovations, a.s.r. real estate is the first in the Netherlands to have received the BREEAM NL ‘very good’ rating for a residential complex. BREEAM-NL is a method used to determine the sustainability performance of buildings.