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Impact ASR Dutch Science Park Fund



The ASR Dutch Science Park Fund strives to make a positive societal impact by stimulating the development of science park ecosystems in the Netherlands. The Fund does so by investing in highly sustainable real estate for the broad range of functions that are needed for science park ecosystems to thrive. By doing so, the Fund provides room for companies to work on a wide range of innovative and sustainable products and solutions that contribute to a better world.

To work towards this goal, the Fund employs a strategic impact policy encompassing four distinct themes: Impact, Sustainability, Partners and People. While each subject targets a specific aspect of impact, all four themes must work together in order for the Fund to achieve its goals. Each theme has its own strategic objectives, which are projected for a one-year (2021) and a three-year (2023) period. For details, please see the Impact policy ASR DSPF 2021-2023. The Impact annual report describes the results of the strategic objectives.

SFDR statement ASR Dutch Science Park Fund

The Fund’s CSR performance will be measured and explained in the GRESB benchmark. GRESB is an independent benchmark that assesses sustainability policies and their execution of real estate funds and portfolios worldwide. The Fund will take part in the GRESB survey for the first time in 2021.