Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation ASR Property Fund

In this sustainability statement the Fund provides information on policies on the integration of sustainability risks into our investment decision-making process, as well as information on environmental and social characteristics and sustainable investments within the meaning of Article 8(1) of the SFDR (EU Regulation 2019/2088). For more sustainability information, please see our prospectus and annual report.  The ASR Property Fund is managed by a.s.r. real estate; a division of the a.s.r. group led by ASR Nederland N.V. ASR Nederland N.V. has a group-wide sustainability policy, remuneration policy, fiscal policy and procurement policy. a.s.r. real estate applies these policies, also with a view to sustainable business operations. 

  • - 29 december 2023 -

    The Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) policy of a.s.r. real estate contains criteria, standards and procedures for various ESG issues, and aims to manage and mitigate sustainability risks that could potentially have material negative impacts on the environment and the value of investments.

    ASR PF has its own ESG policy, in line with the a.s.r. real estate ESG policy. In it, the Fund lays down our specific sustainability objectives. The ASR PF ESG policy is published on the a.s.r. real estate website. The ESG policy and objectives are reviewed annually in the ESG Annual Report, and the ESG policy is updated annually as part of our business plan. 

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  • - 29 december 2023 -

    As an integral part of the Fund's strategy, all activities must be in line with the ESG policy. The day-to-day portfolio management of the Fund’s investments is outsourced to external asset managers. When selecting, monitoring and reviewing asset managers our ESG policy and targets are also part of the process. In the day-to-day portfolio management our external asset managers must and do take non-financial aspects into account. Such as, but not limited to, GHG emissions, energy and water usage of the companies. However the companies that the Fund is exposed to are largely determined by the strategic benchmark the Fund is bound to. Therefore, it could occur that the Fund has exposure to listed real estate companies that have a below average performance on the earlier mentioned non-financial aspects. Through our external asset managers these specific companies could be approached by the Fund about their below average performance on non-financial aspects, with the goal to encourage improvement (engagement).

  • - 29 december 2023 -

    Pursuant to Article 4(1)(a) of the SFDR, ASR PF hereby states that it considers adverse impacts of its investment decisions on sustainability factors. a.s.r. real estate promotes various environmental and social characteristics. The adverse impacts on sustainability are taken into account in its investment decision procedures.