Regenerate biodiversity & ecosystems

Biodiversity is a fundamental pillar of ecological balance and sustainability. A loss of diversity leads to adverse impacts on well-being and quality of life, as well as on food security, resilience to natural disasters and availability of water and resources. The built environment disrupts important habitats for animal and plant species. The Fund therefore aims to contribute as much as possible to the conservation and enhancement of biodiversity in and around its properties.

How we do it

We see nature as a necessary part of our living environment and include nature and biodiversity by default. In doing so, we use our in-house biodiversity framework consisting of qualitative and quantitative measures. Healthy ecosystems limit the consequences of climate change, such as flooding and heat stress, and mitigate climate risks at the level of individual buildings and urban areas. In rural areas, we emphasise healthy soil and landscape elements, making the countryside more robust and valuable.