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The Gallery - TU Twente Campus

The Gallery is a 300 meter long modern building designed for high-tech, innovation, knowledge transfer, and innovative entrepreneurship located on the border between the Business & Science Park and the University of Twente. It is situated in the heart of the Kennispark on Innovation Alley.

In addition to offices, flexible work spaces and laboratories, there are a total of eight Entrepreneur’s Help Desks available to answer questions regarding financing, communication, international business ventures and legal affairs. The building also has appropriate amenities including a reception area, parking garage, a well-appointed restaurant as well as a Grand Café.

Every resource is available In The Gallery for supporting your business towards success:

Hardware: workspaces that excel in every respect, in both features and efficiency;
Smartware: rapid, low-barrier access to knowledge, funding and experience;
Services: every form of services management necessary to bring a brilliant idea or business concept to fruition.

Looking for office space?
Please contact: Ellen Elschot, accountmanager.


Telephone number: +31 06 22 40 68 63
E-mail: ellen.elschot@asr.nl