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Science Parks

Science Parks


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  • Attractive locations

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Science Parks

A science park is an attractive business location with excellent facilities and affordable services. Additionally, it has interesting neighbours, such as a university and firms similar to yours, active in the same sector. Your company becomes part of an inspiring working environment in which innovation, progress and sharing knowledge are central.

Looking for space to launch, to grow or to settle?

a.s.r. real estate offers space for start-ups, scale-ups and mature companies at the leading science parks in the Netherlands.

We develop and operate business accommodations at science parks on behalf of the ASR Dutch Science Park Fund. Still not large enough for premises of your own? Then check out the option of renting in a multi-tenant building with shared facilities like reception services and auditoriums, and perhaps also specialist provision such as makerspaces and laboratories.

With the ASR Dutch Science Park Fund, you rent sustainably. We are striving to achieve a CO2-neutral portfolio, but also looking beyond energy consumption. We consider the use of raw materials throughout the entire lifecycle of a building and seek to create healthy working environments for all our tenants. We invest in maintenance in consultation with our users, too, in order not only to further optimise the quality of our buildings, but also their sustainability.

Find the right space for your business
We are happy to help you with an inventory of the space(s) and facilities you need. We can look together at options to suit your wishes and budget, taking into account the potential growth of your company.

Contact Mariska Rimmelzwaan, Acquisition and Asset Manager.

Mariska Rimmelzwaan

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