Portfolio Renewables

The portfolio of Renewables of a.s.r. consists of renewable sources of energy. In the coming years, a.s.r. real estate expects to expand the portfolio.

Princess Ariane wind farm in Wieringermeer

a.s.r. purchased of 32 of the 82 turbines from Vattenfall on the largest Dutch onshore wind farm. The 32 turbines have a combined capacity of 118 megawatts.

Princess Ariane wind farm

Windpark Wieringermeer JLOUSBERG

Jaap Rodenburg: eight wind turbines in the Flevopolder

The Jaap Rodenburg wind farm has been taken over from Vattenfall and is being built in Almere Pampus. Overall, the wind farm consists of 10 wind turbines, 8 of which are owned by a.s.r., with a total capacity of 38 megawatts.

Jaap Rodenburg wind farm

Windpark Jaap Rodenburg ©Vattenfall En Robert Assies
Windpark Jaap Rodenburg 2 ©Vattenfall En Robert Assies

Pesse solar panel farm in Drenthe

a.s.r. has purchased the newly realised solar panel farm in Pesse from GroenLeven. The solar park in Drenthe with over 60,000 panels has a capacity of 32.6 megawatts.

Pesse solar panel farm

Zonnepark Pesse A.S.R (2)

Nieuwe Hemweg wind farm

a.s.r. has acquired Nieuwe Hemweg wind farm in the Amsterdam port area from Vattenfall. In total, the six wind turbines have a combined capacity of 13.2 megawatts.

Nieuwe Hemweg wind farm

Windpark Nieuwe Hemweg_Fotografie Vattenfall

Wind farm Strekdammen

Wind farm Strekdammen consists of two wind turbines at the breakwaters in Eemshaven. The two wind turbines have a total combined capacity of 11 megawatts. The turbines are specially designed for the saline conditions and wind speeds near the coast.

Wind farm Strekdammen

Beeld Windpark Strekdammen