Accelerating the energy transition with renewable sources of energy

Infrastructure: Renewables

As a real estate investment manager, a.s.r. real estate invests in renewable sources of energy on behalf of a.s.r. Solar and wind projects provide an infrastructure for renewable energy. The investments in infrastructure provide a stable return, contribute to the energy transition and a sustainable living environment. In the coming years, a.s.r. real estate expects to expand this portfolio.

This team can tell you everything about these investments

This is an image of Dick van den Oever.

Dick van den Oever


Dick is responsible for the investments in Renewables. He is also director of the ASR Dutch Farmland Fund and a member of a.s.r. real estate’s Management team

This is an image of Rutger van Dillen.

Rutger van Dillen

acquisition & asset manager

Rutger is acquisition & asset manager for a.s.r. real estate. He is responsible for the acquisition of solar and wind projects.

This is an image of Rene Kroes.

Rene Kroes

portfolio manager

Rene is responsible for managing the portfolio of Renewables.


Meet the team

Investments in Renewables are managed by a dedicated, passionate and experienced team, which is responsible for portfolio and asset management. The team consists of a director, portfolio manager and an asset & acquisition manager. The team deals with acquisitions and sales, portfolio management and financial administration of the portfolio. Partnerships have been made with specialist parties to outsource activities related to operations and optimisation.