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Investment Partners

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Investment Partners

Best possible real estate portfolio
As an institutional investor, you want to compose a property portfolio that complies with your risk profile, that meets the rules and regulations governing pension funds and insurance companies, and that leaves you in full control. As a division of a Dutch provider of secure income and other insurance products, the Investment Partners team of a.s.r. real estate knows exactly what you are looking for.

We invest in real estate for our clients, who are institutional investors with a long-term investment horizon, for more than 125 years. We not only operate in the Netherlands, but we also invest in listed and non-listed property funds and companies across the border. The Investment Partners team has all the experience that is required, as well as the drive that is needed to construct a tailor-made property portfolio that perfectly matches your strategy and risk profile. In the relationships with our clients we believe in a personal approach, which is why we prefer to limit the number of clients we choose to serve.

Working together
a.s.r. is a significant player in the investment and asset management markets. Our clients benefit from the expertise, efficiencies of scale and position real estate investment manager, a.s.r. real estate has when it comes to investing in Dutch and international real estate. We have a large, unique and high-quality network. After understanding your needs and requirements, the Investment Partners team supports you to select and monitor investments for your real estate portfolio. For us, the requirements and needs of the client always comes first. The Investment Partners team is happy to work with you to find solutions that comply with your policies and guidelines.

Experienced team with one dedicated contact person
The members of the Investment Partners team form an balanced mix of seasoned experts and talented young professionals; the team uses unique analysis and selection tools. All clients communicate with their own dedicated contact person. You and the team will work in close collaboration to develop a tailor-made property portfolio. The team will provide you with clear and transparent reports, allowing you to make well considered investment decisions.

Socially responsible investment
Corporate social responsibility, ESG including impact investing are key aspects of the business practices of a.s.r. real estate. We believe that a socially responsible investment policy contributes to the sustainable development of society and to sustainable investment returns. We are happy to select products that meet your sustainability requirements.

Each individual client provides a.s.r. real esatate with their specific strategy and guidelines regarding ESG and SFAP. These guidelines are for each separate mandate implemented in the acquisitions and dispositions executed by a.s.r. real estate as advisor to institutional investors.

For example: The institutional investor a.s.r. invests in financial products that promotes environmental characteristics within the meaning of article 8 sub 1 of Regulation (EU) 2019/2088 on sustainability‐related disclosures in the financial services sector (SFDR). This quideline is implemented in the acquistions and dispositions by a.s.r. real estate, acting as advisor to a.s.r. Whilst a.s.r. real estate will undertake reasonable efforts to achieve the strategic objectives as set forth above, no guarantee can be given that the strategic objectives can be realized. Due to various risks and uncertainties, actual results may differ materially from the strategic objectives set forth above.

All material investments/divestments recommend to clients need a positive advice the Investment Committee of a.s.r. real estate, containing the statutory board of a.s.r. real estate and managing directors of its business lines. In the sound governance of a.s.r., independent analysis is secured by Legal-, Tax-, Compliance- and Risk officers. Sustainability aspects of investments/divestments are assessed as part of the decision by the Investment Committee. Above a certain threshold value as described in th a.s.r. governance, investment/divestment proposals will also be submitted to the Investment Committee of a.s.r. for a positive advice. The final approval of investments / disinvestments is according the governace of the clients.

AIFM-license and MIFID II requirements
a.s.r. real estate has been awarded an AIFM license (licensenumber15001789) for managing funds and separate mandates from the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM). This license also includes the requirements for MiFID II, which secures that we are competent to provide investment services.

Clients’ guidelines are leading
The Investment Partners team selects and manages portfolios based on its clients’ guidelines and policies. In doing so, it acts independently from other products managed by a.s.r. and a.s.r. real estate.

We select and monitor:

  • Non-listed real estate funds in Europe
  • Listed real estate securities in Europe
  • Non-listed real estate funds in the Netherlands
  • Direct real estate in the Netherlands



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