a.s.r. real estate

Amsterdam, Koningsplein 20

Retailunit with the flagshipstore Arket

The Hague, De Haagse Passage

Shopping mall in The Hague, with approximately 21,300 sq. m. of floor space.

Amsterdam, Nieuwendijk 188-190

Recently renovated property. At the rear of the building, the facade is covered with greenery.

Middelburg, Pottenbakkerssingel

Recently renovated District Shopping Center TREF Middelburg.

Utrecht, Terwijde

District Shopping Center Terwijde in the Terwijde residential neighborhood in Utrecht, containing 12,000 sq. m.

Den Bosch, Hooge Steenweg 8

Over 900 sq. m. store in Den Bosch, which connects the Markt to areas near the station.

Breda, Eindstraat 26

Renovated property, situated at Eindstraat and Karnemelkstraat in Breda.

Amsterdam, Leidsestraat 30

Property transformed into multi-level retail. Located in one of the best retail streets in Amsterdam.