a.s.r. real estate

Management team

We would like to introduce you to the a.s.r. real estate management team.

Dick Gort

Dick Gort, MSc MRE MRICS

Dick Gort has been ceo of a.s.r. real estate since 1 April 2007.
Henk-Dirk de Haan

Henk-Dirk de Haan, MSc RA

Henk-Dirk de Haan has worked at a.s.r. real estate as chief financial risk officer since October 2012. He is responsible for Finance & Risk Management within a.s.r. real estate.
Edwin van de Woestijne

Edwin van de Woestijne, MSc

Edwin van de Woestijne was appointed fund director of the ASR Dutch Prime Retail Fund and managing director of Commercial Real Estate on 1 October 2015. The assets in this portfolio comprise retail properties, offices and parking spaces with an approximate combined value of € 2.5 billion.
Robbert van Dijk

Robbert van Dijk, MSc MRE MRICS

Robbert van Dijk has been managing director of our Residential business line and fund director of the ASR Dutch Core Residential Fund since November 2014. He is responsible for our residential portfolio, with 5,000 homes.
Dick van den Oever

Dick van den Oever

Dick van den Oever has been director of Rural Real Estate since 2016. He is responsible for a.s.r. real estate’s agricultural portfolio, which consists leased and leasehold agricultural lands, farms, country estates and recreational grounds.
Henk van de Laar

Henk van de Laar, MSc

Henk van de Laar has been head of quality management a.s.r. real estate since 2010 and manager IT&C a.s.r. real estate since 2016. He is also secretary of the Management Team and Investment Committee a.s.r. real estate.