a.s.r. real estate

Vleuterweide Shopping Centre in Utrecht

Project: A shopping centre that consists of seven blocks of buildings and pavilions surrounding a central square. Each block has its own unique character. The centre consists of an office, supermarkets, a chemist, a department store, fashion boutiques, restaurants and cafés and fresh food stores. The wide canal provides a beautiful view and reinforces the square’s spacious feel. Vleuterweide provides the local residents with both a shopping centre and a pleasant meeting place.

Location: Vleuterweide is the largest neighbourhood in Leidsche Rijn, a VINEX suburb of Utrecht. This ‘new village’ lies in between Vleuten and De Meern, on the edge of the Green Heart. Vleuterweide will have approximately 6,000 homes, over a quarter of which have been completed.

Scope: 15,000 m²

Sustainability aspects: A geothermal heat pump has been installed for the shops, homes and offices.

Parties involved: Multi Real Estate, a.s.r. real estate development (developers), a.s.r. real estate (owner), Kruse & Lampo (manager).