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ASR Dutch Mobility Office Fund sells Eempolis office in Amersfoort


The ASR Dutch Mobility Office Fund has sold the Eempolis office in Amersfoort. a.s.r. real estate and Equity Estate reached agreement about the sale and transfer of the office last Friday.

In 2016, a.s.r. took over the Basisfonds Stationslocaties C.V. office portfolio. Nine offices from this portfolio, including the Eempolis office, were reassigned to the newly launched ASR Dutch Mobility Office Fund. Due to the fund’s revised strategy and new focus on the office market in the G5 cities of Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague, Utrecht and Eindhoven, the decision was made to sell the Eempolis office in Amersfoort. 

CBRE supervised the sale on behalf of a.s.r. real estate.