a.s.r. real estate

Name change a.s.r. real estate


a.s.r. real estate is the brand name under which ASR Vastgoed Vermogensbeheer B.V. acts as of today. The name a.s.r. real estate fits within the diversity of activities that we have developed in the property market in recent years. Not only in the Netherlands but also internationally.

As part of insurer a.s.r. we have more than 125 years experience in real estate investment management. Since 2010 we are also serving other international institutional investors. For them we manage 4 real estate funds and individual investment management mandates for (inter) national real estate.

Nothing else changes
The name a.s.r. real estate is the brand name under which we act from March 1st. Our registered name is and remains ASR Vastgoed Vermogensbeheer B.V. Our ascription and bank account numbers remain the same. In short, only the name changes.

Investing with perpetual value
Long-term thinking is part of our DNA. Throughout our history we have consistently focused on the capital appreciation of land and real estate over the long term. We not only look at the short term return, but also at the extent to which investments are future-proof. For some years we have been carrying this vision under the heading 'investing with perpetual value'.