a.s.r. real estate

a.s.r. reim is granted AIFM licence


The Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM) has granted a.s.r. reim an AIFM licence to act as a manager of investment institutions. Besides managing the ASR Dutch Prime Retail Fund, the ASR Dutch Core Residential Fund and the ASR Property Fund, a.s.r. reim also manages the a.s.r. agricultural land and office portfolio via a separate mandate.

Dick Gort, CEO of a.s.r. reim: “We are pleased to have been granted the AIFM licence by the AFM. For more than a century now, a.s.r. reim and its predecessors have proved to be a professional partner when it comes to real estate investment management. The AIFM licence allows us to take the next step towards providing non-stop high-quality services to our customers.”

Henk-Dirk de Haan, CFRO of a.s.r. reim: “a.s.r. reim has complied with high process and risk management standards for years. We were awarded the ISAE 3402/3000 certificate for all our core processes years ago, meaning that our internal control is visibly effective. Being granted the AIFM license is another important testament to the quality of our services.”

The AIFM regulations apply throughout Europe. As part of obtaining the AIFM licence, a.s.r. reim will automatically receive a so-called European passport as well, allowing it to operate on a European level and possibly attract new European investors. What is more, the European regulations also give non-European investors the confidence to trust in the company's internal control structure and financial procedures, and ensure that it engages in open and honest information exchange with potential and existing investors.